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Lee Speaks to Bio-Med Students photo

Lee Speaks to Bio-Med Students

Dr. Naomi Lee, investigator in viral immunology, of the Neuroscience Institute of the National Institutes of Health located in Bethesda, MD, visited the CHS Biomedical Technology class taught by Heather Grant recently. Dr. Lee received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005 followed by a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Rochester in 2008. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Rochester in 2013.

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Cavs Study Global Housing photo

Cavs Study Global Housing

Students in Leah Ross’ Interior Design class recently studied housing all over the world through a Global House Project. The assignment was to study and compare two different types of housing from separate cultures and areas of the world.

Sophomore Athena Wortham said, “We compared many aspects such structure, climate, region, language, religion, family structure, and time period. As we studied each culture and the needs the house structures provided, we discovered that all homes meet the same basic needs. Every house offers protection, shelter from heat, cold, and predators. They provide security, so that people all over the world have a place of refuge and a place to return to. They also provide a place to call home, a place for families to gather and to meet and spend time together. I learned that homes are important and play a huge part of our culture and our lives. I also learned that although the cultures are different, the people are the same and need and want the same things.”

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